Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vain As A Peacock

Life in marlton feels really fast... I wake up in the late morning, skype with my sissys in Singapore, go for lunch at the family restaurant(Lim Fong), go back home and plan for our trip to NYC tomorrow. It has been awhile since i reached New Jersey and all i could remember were vague memories throughout these three weeks. Zumba classes, Cherryhill Mall, eat, sleep, movie nights, philly day out with Grandma & Lisa, basket ball with Andrew & Huizhen and Atlantic City. I'm looking forward to family gathering on memorial day though.

I'm starting to get worried when i get back to the 'real world'(Singapore). When school starts and when i can't roll in the bed till 11am, i have to set my priorities right again. I need Jesus.
Geen peter pan collar blouse-thailand, Mermaid look alike sleeveless top-Dustbunny Vintage, High waisted shorts-The Dude, Maxi Skirt-Shien, Blue&Purple Pumps-free press

I have found myself a pair of blue pumps from nordstorm rack and i personally feel that a few of the shoes there are actually pretty awesome. Like Bally, it's shoe designs are timeless and they have adhered to only the highest standard of excellence. The only reason that is holding me back from purchasing a Bally is my budget but i truly appreciate that their shoes are made with painstaking attention to detail. I'm waiting for myself to grow older so that i can buy myself Ballys.

Anyway, here is the skirt that i mentioned 6 months back, I'm finally wearing the maxi skirt that i sewn for prom. Goodness me, the skirt is half a year old already and the top that i also made for prom is still   
squashed between other abandoned clothes in my wardrobe at home. Who knows, maybe i'll wear it 6 months later.

How about the vintage strapless top? I've eyed on that top for a few months while i was still in Dustbunny Vintage and only decided to get it on my last week(if i didn't get it wrong). I find the top extremely interesting and it also reminds me of a mermaid...Well, i'm sure my fetish for mermaids or actually mystical creatures explains it all anyway.


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