Friday, May 11, 2012

I am Not Old, I am Vintage.

Today is the last day of Post Rationing Day.

It has been about a week since the last post and i think it's about time i post my very last one saved in blogger. The lappy is not arriving on thursday anymore, it's only arriving on monday. I know i'm pretty much blessed that i didn't lose it or something but i really missed my computer. Without my own valid phone line, without my computer, without my own driving license, without my own car, i literally feel like a handicap person. It's not like i have a car or a driving license back at home but without them in such a big country is almost similar to not having legs.

It feels like a real holiday but i think i would prefer to have some things to do to keep me connected with the world. I can't not do anything. I can't not live in a city. Anyway, i just want to apologise for my carelessness (again) and nobody should ever do something so silly in their life after seeing these.

Back to the vintage jumpsuit that my dearest aunty jean(a tailor that i worked with while i was in dustbunny) made for me the week before i stopped working. I think it may be a farewell gift for me even though i still paid her a little for the effort. Not only did she made one for me, she also sewed one for my sissy. She used vintage cloths that she kept from the 90s and used it for our jumpsuits. Besides, she used a cloth that espirit used during the 90s to make my sister's. Isn't she such a sweet old lady? I like her.


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