Thursday, May 17, 2012


Let's talk about tattoos today. What do you think about it? Do you think it's just a moment of hype like a trend? I don't know but i had something for tattoos ever since i was little. I'm not sure if i've ever mentioned anything about my fetish for tattoos before but i'm going to say it anyway. I'm pretty sure it all started when i saw a mermaid tattoo on my grandfather's thigh and a few other ones on his body and i remember asking my cousin if she thought they were pretty or not. She said that she didn't like them and that she would never get one because she thought that they were ugly. The whole thing about tattoos only then struck me when she asked me back the same question and i told her that i didn't like it too. 

I had an impression that tattoos were for gangsters and bad children so i did not know if it would be wrong or strange for me to openly declare my love for tattoos or even think that they were a little cute. Ironically, i felt wrong saying that i didn't like it so i wondered about that weird feeling and thought about tattoos. I would pick a book about tattoos from the library and read about the significance of each of their tattoos. Some would go under the needle for their loved ones, religious purpose, due to a mistake/out of impulse, and some would just put it for fun.

For me, i might put it because it was something i wanted/liked since i was young. I could never comprehend why i had such strong fetish for such things(tattoos) as a little girl. Maybe i have a little gangster genes from my grandfather. I don't know. Maybe i should see a psychiatrist about it. I'm kidding.

Anyway, talking so much about my obsession for tattoos, the hard truth is that i am never going to get one. I can't. My parents would flip table, flip me upside down and then flip me out of the house. The most i can do is stare at people with nice tattoos(like a pervert) and get any tattoo look alike things (like the leggings above that i found in bugis street). Anything temporary, i take.  




    1. Thank you(; I found it in a random shop in bugis street. It's located atlevel 2.