Sunday, October 21, 2012


If you have seen my previous posts about the PARCO next NEXT AW12/13 preview and all the other times i've been wanting to share with you all about the "one more label" that i've been talking about is KAE HANA. Her second collection, MONOLOCO, is a collaboration with Lully Crooelly, a good friend of hers and a fine artist, that graduated from Lasalle. Lully Crooelly has a particular skill of making awfully creative and decorative prints which attracted Kae Hana's attention and thus the collaboration.

What are your interpretations of the prints on this dress? 
I say it's the texture of the elephant skin. 
On a second thought, it reminds me of our intestines and maybe even our brain.

"AH, i give up", was what i finally said to Kae Hana when i was making guesses of what the prints were. She says those prints can be interpreted to be anything, ranging from faces, brains and also elephant skin. It's just MONOLOCO. With the bright colour pallets, neon pipings that highlights the silhouette and the same material Stella McCartney used for her Addidas collection-Lycra and dri-fit, you could simply MONOLOCO in office, at dinner and even on the tennis court.

KAE HANA says, "have fun, be loud and bold".
 Jessie Jay says,"Do it like a brother lady". 
I say, "CHEESE".

After looking, feeling and understanding the prints, i am still in awe of the whole collection. A cutting that flatters a woman's curve yet comfortable enough for a sporty time. The amazing prints on the smooth and cool (Lycra and Dri-Fit) material that i would have stared and caressed the whole evening in Parco, if i weren't told that it could be interpreted as anything.

Have a blessed and positive week ahead as i hurry off to
 complete my assignments right now!


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