Thursday, October 4, 2012


Big apologies for the posting gap. The ninja turtle took up the MBS lantern making project for the Mid-Autumn Festival and spend her project week making lantern and catching up with a couple of school projects. Now that she's done with the external project, she is back in the race with the rabbit. 

After a couple of weeks of being patient with me, i would like to present to you MASH-UP which will present to you "ATLANTA GOES TO ATLANTIS" AW12/13 collection. "The collection explores the possibility of urban life underwater. "Atlanta Goes To Atlantis" narrates the Atlanta basketball team finding itself in the mythical city of Atlantis, and promises a healthy dose of imagination, urban legend and current youth cultures."

In a basketball game, the guard, forward and centre, are enough for a good game. Similarly, the MASH-UP team composed of designers, Daniela, Nathanael & Shaf Amis'aabudin, played a great game and put up a wacky show during their Audi Fashion Festival 2012 debut in Singapore.

The team's refreshing and bold attitudes completely blew me off when i went to their space in Parco. There was a whimsical crowd of people in lobster jerseys that shouts MASH-UP in my vintage face and i felt like i was pawned immediately. The initially calm me, in a vintage dress, was hyped up after getting to know more about the label and hearing the inspirations of the collection. Such that i was unable to settle on which row of clothes to check out first... The tremendous change of mood from hibernating in the school's studio throughout the day to a psyched up night gave my day a balance.

For a better understanding of what my emotions were that day, i advice you to pop by Parco this weekend and let the sharks and lobsters take you to a journey to Atlantis. 

Now, would you excuse me as i attend to my fringe. It's getting too long and i'm getting too bored with the bushy hair. Please keep your fingers crossed for me as i keep mine steady on the hair, if not then laugh so hard and pity my hair when you see the outcome.

p.s I am not done with Parco


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