Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lomo Baby.

I could never comprehend how a little camera, which is approx. half the size of my already very small hand, could be so impressive. It looks so tiny that i would not take it seriously at all and if i had no knowledge about the different kind of effects the camera were capable of capturing, i would just pick it up and start pressing the button for the "cheeeeeechik" noise that gives my restless self some sort of pleasure.

So, i was at the La Sardina Wardrobe Exhibition Opening Party yesterday and i browsed through a couple of lookbooks in the store because i thought i would better understand pictures and words more than the devices on the shelves. Thankfully, from those pictures and words, i was able to appreciate the tiny devices more than i did. But then again, i think i would never truly understand it until i get my hands on it. Until then, I shall wait for my sissy to invest in one since she told me that she has been drooling over the little cameras ever since i don't know when.

That's not the point.

Anyway, there were 11 unique and customized La Sardina Cameras which shoots regular 35mm film, has a wide-angle lens and a rewind dial to turn back frames whenever. Artists, OJOKO, Eric Foenander, Monster Gallery, Yong, Kitt Santos, David Chan, Astralrae, MASH-UP, Clare Marie Ryan, Speak Cryptic and Bradley Foisset, all DIY-ed their cameras with their limitless creativity and below are a couple of favourite things i saw in the store, located at 295 South Bridge Road #01-01.

Please, o please, if you haven been there, you have to go down, step into the store and look. It is one of the most colourful, eye opening and creative space along South Bridge Road.

The last three best pictures are taken by mustard John


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