Saturday, June 2, 2012

Black Absorbs All Aspects of Light

These were taken on my first day in Radio City Music Hall in NYC. That place is way too extravagant for humans and i was overwhelmed by the largest theatre in the world. Just so you know, the Great Stage is comprised of three sections mounted on hydraulic-powered elevators. They make it possible to create dynamic sets and achieve spectacular effects in staging. A fourth elevator raises and lowers the entire orchestra. Within the perimeter of the elevators is a turntable that can be used for quick scene changes and special stage effects. I promise the next post will be pictures of the hall and the rest of my tour in NYC two weeks back. The trip was emotional. 

My cutey classic hat that was dug out from zouk's flea and easy went almost perfect with the vintage architecture in the music hall, except for the badge on my collar(that has to be put on when we were touring in the building). This little black & fury thing received plenty of positive comments by people in NYC, including one of the Rockettes that wanted to exchange her crown for the little hairy hat on my head. The Rockettes in their fancy costumes are so pretty, i was so tempted to trade it for the shimmery crown.

While i recharge for Fort Greene Flea and Artists & Fleas in Brooklyn tomorrow, you may get ready for more exciting pictures on Shien. Hopefully it'll be a fruitful one tmr. Finger crossed, so tightly.

Lastly, have an awesome weekend to you.

 Black summer dress-Banana Republic, Black translucent maxi-Editor's Market, Red highcuts-Converse, Black hat-Vintage


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