Saturday, December 10, 2011


Yes, it`s pumpkin again!
the light is too bright for me!
"Do not fear the light, i will protect you!" says Pumpkin in a fearless and manly voice.
wait. what are you lookin at!?
i`ll kick you with my Asics then u`ll know!
wahaha. told u i`d kick you!
yay! time for a show in the circus with alicia doing a hand stand for all of us in her H&M dress!
Hope you enjoyed the short narration and illustration.

Blue top:Just Jeans
White Tube:H&M
High waist bottom:The Dude

 I just didn't know what to write about this post so i decided to be lame+random and do something short with all these pictures. Anyway, it is the very first post with my new hairstyle. I am really thankful to have such a talented aunt(Serene from Kimage-Kovan) to cut my hair. The awesome thing is that i never have to tell her what sort of hairstyle i wanted. I recommend you guys to get your haircuts from her, she's a senior hairstylist from KIMAGE and i can guarantee you that u`ll be satisfied with her skills. Pinky.

Have a good weekend as i enjoy my chinese noodles(pork+spaghetti) right nowww!


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