Monday, December 12, 2011

Laugh it out!

A day without laughter is a day wasted-Charlie Chaplin(;

top: iora
wide leg jeans: Gap kids
metallic red sling shoulder bag: Asos
Red shoe:Keds

Top:DIY(BUdoubleLSHIT) but it`s originally a piece of T-shirt from TALHA USA
Slim-fit jeans or skinny jeans: Forever21
Peacock feather earring: Chinatown Flea

Can u imagine the t-shirt without the small smile above my belly button? It would be imperfect! I thought the shirt looked like a face after i snipped off the sleeves and cut strips of lines on the shirt, so i decided to add an expression onto the 'face'. Immediately after i cut a semi circle on the t-shirt, my sissy and i broke out into a laughter and i thought, if we are laughing at the 'smile' that means people may laugh at it too! Am i right? Lol. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post!


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