Thursday, May 9, 2013


For the past few weeks before school ended, this was what i was working on. My specialism project, which was to create a garment through upcycling methods. With the concept of "Space on Earth"- stiffness of the garment and the pin tucks detailed high neck that feels like an astronaut suit, being on earth which consists mostly of water, leading to the aqartic influence… 
Er, i hope you can grasp the brief idea.

Moving on, the few pre-loved clothing that were converted into this(two piece) garment are the diving suit, cashmere sweater, aquatic printed boxer, ties and a peplum top. They are actually materials that don't really suit the all-time summer season in Singapore but i guess it's still workable since most places have AC. However, it still wasn't exactly cool to do the photo shoot outdoor when the sun rays were penetrating through the garment, and almost through me. Thank goodness it wasn't another model that had to do the shoot for me if not i would feel so terrible about my own work. (I almost melted in the garment.)

Anyway, the project wouldn't turn out as pleasing as i wished if i didn't have the help from Zhi Wei(photographer) and Sandy Ee(makeup artist). They made this project turn out more professional than it should have been if i had to do it all by myself. Thank God for amazing talents who were very kind to help.
I hope you like it!


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