Friday, May 31, 2013


This is another day in Opotiki while i reminisce my days in the urban district.

Along the street of Karangahape is where this vintage store lies. Most people know how bright i light up when i come across a vintage store, especially in a foreign place. These stores gives me a sense of familiarity and i just love the smell of the aging clothing, shoes and bags. It's a little strange but it's so comforting.

Vintage, craft and tea isn't exactly like those sort of stores that collects everything vintage, or thrifted, but the owner picks out just a few of a different kind of vintage clothing that she likes. It's mostly like her collection of clothing that she wants to share with people who has the same liking as her. I'm sure she gets customers that recognizes her store for her range of interesting and precious vintage collections. It feels as though she's living a girl's dream to set up a store that has her favorite clothing, pretty-artsy notebooks and a cup of tea for people who knows how to live life. 

The day continues on as a tourist, everything a little bit more fascinating than the ones at home, we stop for a picture. 

When we finally made our way through the park, supposedly the shorter way to the central district, we found our oyster bar. Depot eatery serves fresh-salty-ocean oyster ever. I mean, it's not like i'm even a food critic but i'm confident of making a distinction of the "ah, this is fresh and okay" ones from the "oh man, this is FRESH AND REAL". It was awakening and the best starter for the rest of the meal. The fish for the main course tasted like an indian cuisine which i absolutely enjoyed but i didn't expect such flavors in an oyster bar in new zealand. Everything at depot was fresh and exciting. 

The day ended well with all the amazing finds and it rounded off even better after getting a taste of the nightlife at the social bar along Ponsonby. The local beer was enough to keep us warm while we journey back to Freeman's, down the slopes only. That's a picture that we took with a warm and friendly kiwi that we chatted a bit with on the streets. 


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