Thursday, May 2, 2013

May, i've missed you

Hebe's here, May is here.
The air is fresh and the the birds are free.
School's out, let's scream and shout, it's time for a party theme!

I thought i was going to be excited to party but my senses are telling me to chill bananas instead.
Maybe a trip to an art cafe to paint with a friend or do (bad) portraits for people at 10cents in 1 minute.
 Just a few things i want to do before i work and travel at NZ.
Unfortunately, i haven gotten enough of canvases and painting from school.

The houndstooth blazer is starting to make me feel comfortable after keeping it warm in my cupboard for a year since my last trip to LA. It's quite __ because there are still a couple more clothing bought since last year that i haven worn. I don't know why i never pulled them out of the wardrobe too.

Are some accessories that are sentimental to me, mostly pass down from different old people with different stories of their jewelries. The gold patent bracelet has the ten commandments and every word is well inscribed. It probably is the most meaningful jewelry i own thus far. I mean, really, it's the ten commandments right. What can beat it.

Trousers-Uniqlo, Blazer-Forever21, Boots-Aus, Bag-Coach, Vintage accessories

Although tgif doesn't really gets me excited because for three months it's just going to be HOLIDAY. But i wish you all a happy last day at work and remember to do all things in love!


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