Friday, March 8, 2013

White Head Structure

Black maxi dress: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: Topshop

It has been so many weeks, i could barely remember when was the last time i had my last post up and i'm so sorry about the really long hiatus. This time i'm done with my submissions for foundation and here i am about to show and tell you a bit about what have been taking up my time away from you all.

This project was called the "White Wearable Head Structure" and we were only suppose to work with  any kind of typically white paper. As for the joint methods, if i remember correctly, we could use any way except for tying. For my headgear, i chose the baking(off white+semi hard) and tissue paper(blueish+soft) mainly for the difference with the colors. Used the white glue, hot glue, stick glue and masking tape as the joint methods, and wires to build a strong structure below all the whites.

If you're wondering how it should be worn, the neck area of the structure was made to the size of my neck and the continual flow of the form rests on the shoulder. A wire ear support is also attached with the whole structure for it to stay steadily on the head.

Overall, this headgear was inspired by the research that i did which came out as mostly organic forms and the texture from the fish scales. The most laborious process of this project was probably the rolling of the papers, stripes of thick and thin, tissue and baking papers for the fish scale inspired texture and the irregular size stripes to wrap around the wires.

Personally, it was an enjoyable project to work on and if i were to create another headgear i would consider making one that gives more three dimensional impact. What do you suggest?



  1. i found you via john tan's photo blog streetpeek.
    you're quite cute. i like your intro about how you says your mom tells you about controlling your urge for clothes. my mom tells me that too. keep blogging!

    1. Thank you, Vanessa, for the encouraging words(: I think my mother is getting tired of hearing herself repeat the same thing over again so i don't get too much nagging already. Hopefully yours would cut you some slack too!