Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Just two days ago, the four ladies at home were doing shopping over whatsapp as early as 5am because the man was doing some last minute shopping before he catches his flight back home. For 3.5 hours the father went around, took some pictures in the shops and we'd pick what we want over the family whatsapp group. Come to think about that morning, it was actually quite strange because the house was still dark, everybody were in their own rooms and it seem like the house was still on snooze. Yet the most active thing in the house were the iPhones. It was so busy i thought the radiation might just kill me before i get to meet and embrace my new loves- the dress, bag and shoe of course.

Thankfully, everyone survived that morning.
By the way, those are peanut butter & banana toast on my ears, they're a pair of earrings by a beloved friend for Christmas. They don't only work as earrings but are really amazing in the mouth too. Like the real spread and the real fruit and the real toast. Either that, toast with nutella & banana or strawberry are equally fabulous. Take my advice, your day will surely be made as soon as you treat yourself to the awesome mix.

These days, i've been eating, catching up with precious friends and eating even more while exercising my jaws away. I have finally visited some great cafes with even greater lemon tarts that "tastes of pure lemon flavour, it has that zingy sharp awake-your-tastebuds kind of flavour, with enough sugar to make the bitterness palatable but still allowing the sharpness of lemon to linger on. The custard melts as if thick cream and the buttery pastry delivers a crumbly contrast. This is my perfect lemon tart." That is just the right way to describe the lemon tart that i had from Bakers & Cook. Although it was quoted from a food blogger, AZ√ČLIA, i could completely comprehend every word that was typed to describe the memory i had of the tart. Yumz.

Before i go on and try to be a food blogger and tell you about all the quiche, waffles, danishes and other pastries that i had in the last two weeks, i shall put the food talk on pause. May you not feel too hungry after reading this post if not then drop everything and go make yourself a toast right now.
Have fun growing a tummy with me!
Loafers: Bass, Orange mini skirt+pink socks: h&m, Watch: Adidas, Long sleeve top: Vintage


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