Saturday, February 16, 2013

Feeling the Blues

Photo by John

So i went onto John's tumblr and recognized this outfit that i put together last year. It's quite funny hearing people telling me that the outfit was well put together because the thing about this outfit that was screaming were the rain boots. Can you continue to draw an imaginary lower body with a pair of floral rain boots matched with all the blues? I looked at myself through the bus doors and i giggled at my own reflection. O well, the weather was nasty and i just couldn't think of getting out of the house in anything else but the rain boots.

You would probably know how comfortable i was feeling that day, looking at all the blues i've layered myself under. Again, i just can't tell you how blue helps me to chill bananas. I mean, blue is the colour that i've been drawn to ever since i was a child and after changing my favorite colors for a few times, i'm back to the blue square.

Anyway, the pleated shirt is from American Eagle and i've been wearing it even before i found myself in love with clothing. I know the knitted cardigan is slightly too short for my arms and a bit too tight to button up with layers below, which probably explains the expanded button holes, but c'mon it was from kids section in H&M. It looks just fine with less layers.

Now, the dotty tie... was supposedly for a friend but he soon disappeared from my life so it's mine now. I realized that i've the tendency to get people things and keeping them in the house due to forgetfulness and some other lame reasons. Until i realize that those gifts were still not given out, some of them were already out. I guess it's not too bad a thing afterall, the gifts will still be given to those who never walk away.

Enough about everything related to blue for the night… TGIF! Have a good weekend while i hide under my smelly blanky during this rainy season in the supposedly sunny island.


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