Thursday, November 22, 2012

Time Out.


I guess blogger had enough of me and my maniacal pictures that it would not tolerate anymore, unless i bribe them with a slice of peanut butter and banana toast. But then again, that would only work if i were the in charge of Blogger.

Due to the issue of not being able to upload anymore pictures on blogger, i have decided to use the last bit of photo space to express my sincere gratitude towards the site, with another well composed picture taken by John.

Actually, this picture is also a sneak peek of Grammah's lookbook. I won't blame if you haven heard of it because i feel responsible for not breaking the good news of the opening of the new store before showing you a sneak peak of the photoshot.

Here is a little pinky promise that a better introduction of the store will definitely be shared when i'm done fixing the layout of the website on another site. Please be kind and show mercy to the none techie person, that is always in a tiff with codes when it comes to designing a website. It's ever so frustrating ever since day one…

O well, 
november's bleakness will soon pass.

I'd be done with semester one.
The website would be fixed.
India, i will go.


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