Sunday, April 15, 2012

In Fifteen Years Time...

Turquoise top: Flea market
Pleated vintage skirt: Dustbunny Vintage
Vintage Heels: Dustbunny Vintage

Before i continue to blabber about the outfit, i must apologize for abandoning you all for a week. I've been trying to complete the things i have in hands, catch up with a few of my friends before i disappear for 3 months and now that i'm in LA i'm more or less settled down so here i am back again. Forgive me, alright?

Blue+Vintage, fitting my most comfortable colour with vintage and look, that's what i got. What more with my new hairstyle. Pulling all of it together and look at my own reflections in the lift through those small windows felt a little strange... I was wondering if all these would work out in fifteen years time and i thought, maybe yes. Then i thought, "oh dear, maybe i look like an old heck now..." I got tired of thinking so i imagined to walk like how i would walk in fifteen years time.(Don't ask me how i was walking then, it felt the same so i don't know what was going through my mine.) Maybe i was feeling like a rabbit. But rabbits hop, Elisa.. Right, i'm blabbering now so i'm gonna go to sleep while you get yourself ready for more exciting posts for the next three months. If not then just let me think that they're actually very exciting. 


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