Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Place For The Depressed-Depression

You don't have to fly away from your country for a holiday nor do you have to be depressed anymore because Depression will show you how you can break out from your monotonous lifestyle through their interpretation of fashion. What an irony... i know but it's true.

Similarly, the design team behind the four-year old Singapore label that belongs to Kenny and Andrew, the ex-Art Director cum Writer duo were depressed with the corporate struggle so the both of them decided to amalgamate and channel an honest feeling into wearable art. Every since then, the label's name-Depression has been their creative outlet.

Now, get ready for a whole lot of mutagenetic designs.

The accessories were all handmade by Andrew.
That was me in an oversized doll dress by Depression
Jia Jing
Everybody was wearing Depression in Depression.
Andrew, Me, Kenny

I have to admit that i'm not exactly a big fan of black & white normally but i honestly enjoy and love the way the dudes manipulate their designs with mostly black and white. Having the patterns and designs speak louder than the colors of the clothings is such an intelligent way to prevent non-believers(of dress-to-express) from being offended.

Anyway, if you're ever feeling bored/tired of conforming to the norm or the society, i advice you to get your medication at Cineleisure Orchard #03-05A. It is a corner for the mutants.


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