Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am.”—Dennis Waitley

Colourful top & Brooch: BUdoubleLSHIT
Maxi Skirt: Zara
Desert Boots: Clarks

Hi my lovely readers, i ish so tiredz right now. I never knew working for 9 hours was so exhausting, having to face your boss and complete that day's task is soooooo stressful. Besides, having to figure things out by myself makes work even more challenging and scary for me BUT i will not give up so easily. It's only the beginning and Elisa will improve & only get better each day. 

Right, i am so sorry i have nothing much to say about this outfit just that at first when i tried on this skirt, i thought angel Gabriel was gonna tell me that i was going to give birth to Jesus. Which in other words, i thought i looked like Virgin Mary. However,despite the crazy imagination i had, i still favoured the skirt becos of it's comfort and how it makes my backside looks smaller. The skirt is such an encourager to me. Thank you, darling. Anyway, i promise i will still update BUdoubleLSHIT regularly even though i may be slightly busy now. #Pinkyswear


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