Saturday, December 31, 2011

Too many Mimosas in the world....

BlessedBelatedMerryChristmas! I know i'm 5 days late and it's really strange to put this up right now bcos i would might as well say Happy New Year instead. O well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! While i was choosing what to wear on Christmas i thought maybe something really colourful would suit the day(becos it is a joyful and happy day as Jesus was born!), so i picked out the most colourful piece of clothing from my wardrobe, and this was it. It was the most precious clothing i found in Zouk's charity flee and it's actually a dress from Mimosa but i do not know/ have yet to find the correct Mimosa becos there are just too many Mimosas in the world!(both literally & figuratively) So if anyone of you know which Mimosa this dress came from, please drop me a comment!

Multi coloured dress: Mimosa?
Pink Bagpack: Lascoste
Orange belt: used since i was a child


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