Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On a Sunday Morning.

White long sleeve top: Zara
Tube: H&M
Desert Boots: Clarks
Metallic Flat Lock Across Body Bag:ASOS

One month late,again. I've been working in Dustbunny Vintage for a week already and from Wednesday to Thursday,i was given the task of upload a (oversized) video on youtube. After 3 consecutive days of trying to learn from Google on ways to convert the video to the right size to be uploaded onto youtube, I must confess that i am a major noob at it because until today, the video is still not up yet. However, that doesn't mean that i am going to give up on it because i know i'll need that skill in time to come. So...be a kind reader and wish me all the best with the complicated,confusing&crazy converting thingy that i'm struggling with.

Anyway,back to the pictures above. The white long sleeve top from ZARA is so thin and light that i barely perspired in the alltimesummer,Singapore. It felt almost like as if i was only wearing a tube, just that the long sleeve top made the whole outfit looked more appropriate, for church, on a Sunday morning.
Lastly,I love Jesus.


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