Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh baby baby.

AND I HAD TOO MUCH FUN. it`s so good to be with them again. But,i have to go through another year of loneliness before i may meet with them again. love you babes.

So anyway, i went for tuition in the afternoon and met up with my crap mates in the night for dinner. we all had a great night in astons as we talked about all sorts of things ,especially following up with yorkie`s love life. Then, my physics buddy brought her "premature" boyfriend along after we had our dinner. Everybody`s love life is getting happening ,when mine just crumbled.

oh well, i have so much revision to do and so many homework to complete..yet im still having fun! maybe it`s what they call,balance lifestyle, but im not too sure about that man. bleh. Besides, my cousins from the states are coming over to visit our sunny island next week:/ i am definitely excited for their arrival, but im really worried about my work.. im left with a week and a few more days till school starts ,and i still wanna do so many other things. 24hrs, why cant you grow a little longer.

alright, i shouldnt waste anymore time on the internet already. m gonna watch live to dance and shall continue with my english letter writting.. see you soon,

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