Friday, July 8, 2011


(MUAHAHAH. dont you just love the gorgeous face of mine?(:those two pictures are for fun! i love my sissy and my sissy loves me, so we took a picture. MUACKS.)

Hello brown cow..Ever since my dearest cousins left, I have been busy catching up with my work.. It's crazy man. It's only school+tuition+work everyday. Despite the fact that i'm only left with 7 subjects, my body is still not giving me a break. I'm still getting headaches when I don't get enough sleep.what's worse is that I've got itchy and reddish polka dots on my body, which is actually and allergy, due to stress, the pms-ing weather and heaty food. I'm a weakling duckling..

Additionally, I must confess that chemistry was really a burden to my four and a half years in secondary school. how foolish was I to think that it would not benefit me at all, if I dropped it. O well, its not too late to, at least I won't get too stressed up by that extra subject and end up giving up on everything as well. Besides, the course that I wanna do after only requires me to pass five subjects,including English! It was absolutely crazy when I heard it from the receptionist at laselle. It was initially very funny to me when I heard about the academic criteria, until he told me about my portfolio. I need paintings, sketches( which is not a problem for me), he continued listing out the different art pieces I may have to show,my mind stopped functioning when it reached "Photoshop". I have completely no idea what that is except that they are used by girls who wants to look better in photographs. I know,I'm such a noob.. But, really? Photoshot?!:/ safe me, jesus.

Lastly, bcos I've not updated BUdoubleLshit for such a long time already, I have 2 pictures of my outfit from the time I abandon it till today,excluding the days I put on my uniform to school..

                                            SAY CHEESE;)

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