Saturday, December 11, 2010

dear Premila Hirubalan.

you are a extremely impressive defender.u played like my hero. but..u looked like u were on drugs:/ i will be down to support you till the end of nations cup! all the way,hero!

ive been watching netball and playing netball this whole week.after tuition...netball. before tuiton...netball. it`s quite tiring..but,i still kinda liked it(:i need to catch up with my sleeps after youth camp shall be study,sleep.sleep,study after the camp. anyway..i am so not excited for the phuket trip..but im quite curious how this trip is gonna be like! haha it should be quite weird. o well.. let`s just wait till christmas!*cant reveal too much here!*

OH. and i realised that chuahuizhen is a big time stalker of ismellahero.hope not too many ppl will know abt this page! or else...i cant anyhow say things here already. this is only for secretive and cool ppl to read! so,pls excuse if u`re not.

anyway,one last thing i have to say,i really dislike S** *I.i am gonna john cena slam her face into the smallest drain,so that her face will get stucked there forever. bye sucker.

alrightss,i need to go take my afternoon nap right now(: good night honeyZHEN! jio me out sooon! byeebyeringring,nightss! anyway,see you later PemilaHERO!


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