Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baddity Rabbity

These pictures are a few weeks overdue and if you've been looking closely at my pictures, you'll find this outfit a little familiar because it has appeared in a picture with andrew & kenny in the first post about their label(Depression).

Basically, the cartoon printed tube dress and the black translucent maxi had both laid in my wardrobe for about three months or so, untouched(except being washed), till the very day i visit Depression. I remembered clearly that depression's previous collections were mostly about black & white and thought that if i turned up in my usual fanciful colored outfits, i would probably be mistaken as a lost child that had decided to walk into a random shop, asking for directions to the nearest toy store in town. Hence, to prevent looking like an insensitive child that was unaware of her surroundings, i pulled out those two hurriedly. As usual, i was procrastinating at home and was too lazy to drag myself away from the laptop screen, therefore the need to hurry)

Moving on, the baddity rabbity pumps that i purchased(unintentionally) when i visit surrealist love scene is such a sweet heart. Really, i told myself countless times that i won't get anything in the showroom but be patient and wait till i reach the states. Oh well, obviously i've succumbed to temptations, besides it was a desire that i had ever since i was introduced to the fairy tale called cinderella. The glass shoes were so magical and precious, it was cinderella's future... 

Black translucent maxi: Editor's market
Cartoon printed tube dress: Topshop
Rabbit pumps: Irregular Choice
Red handbag: Mooncake box(teehee)

Back to reality, i think my mommy is gonna flip so hard if i keep doing these unintentional buys... But you know what, i'm just gonna blame it on cinderella anyway.


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