Monday, February 6, 2012

Hopping into Dustbunny!

Welcome to Dustbunny Vintage,lovelies! So i have decided to start this "new" journey by introducing to you the most heavenly vintage shop in Singapore, located at the most ulu void deck of block 112, Bukit Purmei Road. Anybody wants to make a guess why Pia(the founder of Dustbunny Vintage) hides her cutesy shop in such a place? Well, that's because the rent at Bukit Purmei is so much lower than shops located in Orchard Road. Hence, she is able to share her lovely and precious vintage collections with the other fellow vintage lovers at a good bargain. Below are a few pictures of my favourite items in the shop so fasten your seat belt as i bring you through the journey back to the previous era(1920s-1960s)!
Size of this pair of colourful darling is around 7
Size of this YSL is 35
Size of this Ferragamo is 7C
Size of this purple/pink/green heel is 6
Size of this 1950s orange patchwork print pumps will be revealed after you put your feet in.
Size of this golden pointed heel is 8.
Oh hey! That's me in an Asian Vintage collection from Dusbunny Vintage! You see, when you can fit into a vintage piece so nicely, you know it has to be yours already. But do not worry or feel upset if you feel/think that you won't be able to fit into the clothings in Dustbunny Vintage because if you really do love a piece of clothing, there is alteraton service.

Prices of clothings/gowns are ranged from $25-$260
               shoes/heels are ranged from $25-$220
               vinatge bags/premium branded bags(e.g Channel) $15-$1750
                accessories $5-$196


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