Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Desert Boots FTW.

view of the highway from MBS 

Me,Benjamin,Anna,Julia(Awesome friends from EL)
pardon that ugly face of mine..

Grey dress:Zara
Green blouse: Gift from my cousin(;
Purple Leather Desert Boot:Clarks Original
This pair of Clarks is currently my favourite pair of shoes on my shoe rack. The Originals original,the Desert Boot was designed in 1949 by Nathan Clark and launched at the Chicago Shoe Fair a year later, Its inspiration was a crepe-soled  boot made from rough suede in Cairo's fabled Old Bazaar and the choice for off-duty Eighth Army officers. The simple lines and conspicuous comfort were an instant hit and the first ever casual shoe was born. The rest,as they say,is history. Often imitated but was never bettered,sometimes different but in spirit always the same,long live the Originals Desert Boot.-The story of Clarks Originals.
I have seen and tried on many imitated ones and i have to tell you that none of them can beat the comfort of the original one. The thing i love most about this pair of boots is that despite the warm and humid climate of Singapore, my feet feels cooooool in the boot. There are many other cute designs that i wished my daddy would buy for me as well,but nobody in the right state of mind will buy more than one pair of the same kind of boots for one person. Besides, he bought four pairs back for his four ladies at home.


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