Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birth of Pumpkin Swift

Heeyyy manxzxz! I`m back from turkey, prom is over and it`s time for Christmas and a Happy New Year! I`m so eggcited to show u guys most of the pictures of my new clothings that i`ve bought after my exams. They`re all from weid places, like the Zouk`s flea market ,Turkey and a shop at a secretive corner in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Most of them are first hand stuffs and the rests are thrifted clothings? Most slightly. Anyway, the few pictures below are taken long time ago.. i know i`m really late and slow..my bad AGAIN. )':

Blue top:Just Jeans
The colourful print sleeveless top below is a piece of clothing i sewed myself. Although the material may be a bit stiff but the combination of the colours(that reminds me of Dinosaurs ,for no apparent reason), makes the clothing look comfortable. Hence, i decided to use the material to make a top, since i love the prints so much and it`s for myself so it doesn`t matter if it`s not so soft. 

As for the blue skirt, it is also my creation. It is the first piece i did with proper measurements and drawings  on tracing paper, like a professional seamstress(; Honestly, i hate all the measuring, drawing, tracing, pinning, cutting and ironing. It`s so much work to do just for a piece of clothing but i must say that the feeling after completion is almost priceless. The work, effort and time put into making the piece of clothing becomes worth it, when people tell u that the skirt is so beautiful, and even ask where did u get them from and blahblahblah. The feeling is PRICELESS.

Similarly, the shoe is designed,painted and the sewing of the beads are done by me(; I like to call my creations Shien so from now on i`ll be calling my own clothings Shien,ogay? Anyway,i`m planning on working on my drawing skills right now.. have been visiting the library, borrowing books like `Teenage Vogue for..`(can`t remember the title of the book) and`Fashion Design Techniques` by Zeshu Takamura to master figure drawing in 7 days and to learn body parts & garment drawings. They are really inspiring and motivating books for people who are interested in Fashion. The library is going to be second home really soon!
the red bag:ASOS

Jumper: Samuel&Calvin
Long sleeve top:JONES NEW YORK
The many layers heart shaped brooch is a Teachers` Day gift for my Mother but i borrowed it since she doesn`t wear it all.

Top:Cotton On Men
Bottom:Lea Girl
The brooch that i pinned on the jeans is also another gift of my mommy`s!

"Heeellloo! My name is Pumpkin Swift Lim and u can see my birth cert above. I`m only a few months old and i`m a fattyfatty boomboom!" 

"No one bullies Pumpkin! I`ll chew your feet off if u dare!" says Elisa, the mother of Pumpkin Swift.


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