Wednesday, October 19, 2011


As you can see from the very first picture above. my family spent another Saturday evening having picnic at ECP(: look at those calamaris,chicken wings, and bags of food/tidbits all prepared by my auntie and my parents. what a wonderful and loving family im blessed with,don`t u agree?

Nothing much to say about that awesome evening spent with my family, aunties and cousins because i cant quite exactly remember how i felt that day,except that it was a productive evening with the people i love(:

Sooooo anyway, there are a few pictures below that will help me illustrate that lovely evening.

that`s auntie maggie criticising about Alicia`s physical education notes
Daddy trying to fix the kite but it seems like the strings got him instead:/
Alicia`s lousy photography skills actually got us something cool!
top:The Reject Shop
bottom:The Dude
Had a sumptuous Bak Kut Teh dinner at Keppel Road to end our day
outta boredom, i began to play with the dark sauce on the table and doodling something like that on the napkin(: D for Dara!
that`s my H&M bag!!! 
im lovin it~
last but not least, MY HAPPY FAMILY(:

"so much,i cant contain it. so much, i gotta give it away.."- some song by Hillsongs


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