Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As you can see from above. Those two crazy couple above are my parents.. A pair of love birds that are rarely seen nowadays since divorce rates are incredibly high these days. Looking at how lovely and sweet they are everyday(well, at least seen from their texts) ,they have definitely raised the expectations of couples and being in a relationship. They are a pair of creatures that are about to extinct in less than a century time,at least that`s how i feel about marriage or even commitment towards boyfriend/girlfriend. 
oh well, whatever about love.

Next, i have more pictures to share with u guys that i took probably a month ago.i has been so long and im only posting about it now. so sorry for the delay..but u gotta understand that im still in the midst of preparing for my major exam in less than ten days! whoohoo! so exciting, definitely i am. Despite of my busy revision schedule, i am proud to say that i am still taking the effort to snap a few pictures of my outfit when i`m out! Besides,who says that i cant do the things that i like to do during exams period right? teehee.

blue top: American Eagle
white tube: H&M
shoe:brandless(from far east plaza) 

top:cotton on kids(FTW) 

it`s about time for me to go to sleep already. will put up more posts during my break time(: 


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