Wednesday, November 24, 2010


hey tissue paper.

thank you for being there for me when i need to blow my nose. i love you. i thought today would be a good day..o well, doesnt matter..i dont care anymore. dunno why i am i less excited to meet u now a days..maybe bcos if i get too excited for it,i may be disappointed again. u have no idea how long ive waited for this day... too long.

thank goodness i have my team mates and my sister to entertain me(; im so thankful for them. they are the ones that makes netball interesting and happening.the game is made more interesting and fun with them. love them so much. anyway,i gotta say that im extremely proud of shirlenetoh. she got the best midfielder for today`s MGS match. she has been an awesome player..however,she`s lack of confidence. she needs to stop competing with...haha and start playing for herself. she should be driven by her passion instead. hope she gets it...or else she would just be making life difficult for herself. All the Best cry baby!

i think netball is starting to rule my life.i really hope i wont die off too soon:/ i love that sport so much that i do not ever wanna feel tired of it.*finger cross* i would be so disappointed with myself if it happens): anyway,thank God for holding my limbs together! i pray that it will keep intact all the way,and never ever detatch again. i love you heavenly Father.(:

okay,i think im mentally too tired to continue already..gotta go relax my brain. good night tissue paper. im too tired.


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