Thursday, November 11, 2010


hello princess.

you look good today,in that very black dress and that neatly pinned hair. i guess today was quite a messed up day for you,could feel that u didnt plan today very well. poor princess, if u werent sick,u would have went for training and tuition,and today wouldnt be so screwed. o well,but im quite sure u still enjoyed today. thanks hero,u made princess feel better later,though things were terrible in the morning.she`s sorry):

so,it was at 9am when princess felt like playing pool even before doing any other she searched the net ,hoping to find somewhere with cheap rates. unfortunately, as she continue her search,the feel of wanting to play pool slowly became nothing.then, she decided to cut a pear to eat, bcos queen says that pear may help kill the bacteria in her body, so that she wont need to miss anymore trainings. bcos, missing trainings makes her feel like she is losing out! also,she felt like she has disappointed coach ,everytime she misses a training.anyway,such a competitive`s not gonna be healthy for her. gotta help her change her motivations towards trainings.

7.30pm came. wedding time.which also meant, dinner time(: i have no idea why princess was so hungry,but she was awaiting for the food to be served when she stepped into the restaurant.the food was tasty,she felt so satisfied after everything has been served.sadly,it felt more like a formal dinner than a wedding ,to princess. she felt a litttleeeeee guilty when she left the place:/ princess is sorry,bride and bride groom.happy marriage!

okayokay,i know u`re tired already.good night princess.good night to myself too(: sweet dreams hero. iloveyou.


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