Sunday, November 7, 2010


good evening to myself,

so i was in church 2/3 of the day. was so terrified by my own`s voice when i had to go `high`): o well,i feel uncomfortable everytime i have to serve with ivan..cos i never get to sing `naturally`. anyway,back to today,it was...disappointing and digusting! no idea why i reacted like a spoilt brat. pathetic. but thank God for level seven. my best buddy when im in bukit timah shopping centre. loveyoubabyseven.

then,it was dancing time! i booked b2 to do the christmas dance..but we ended up dancing to random songs. it was...quite fun:) so,we decided to go to nan hua to play freeze and melt with the cdans ppl.but unfortunately,we couldnt find the gate in to the school,so we ended up walking back to clementi again. i felt like i was not wanted anymore! in the freeze and melt game. we had so much fun the last time! but i guess no body rmbed about it. except for elisa. so anyway,thanks alicia,dara and herman.

it was time for dinner already. took a bus to henderson for dinner with my parents and bobby(rayson). we talked about past years youth camps and became excited, for the upcoming one.suddenly. all of a sudden. hope it wont be too bad. God bless 2010`s jael youth camp.Amen.

okay,so i have training tomorrow again. let`s pray that elisa wont get too tired,so that she wont look so cui on court. i want court work,it`s challenging and fun. it makes elisa feels like a hero,cos her brain only works well when it comes to court work,instead of fitness.

ohnohno,alicia is complaining about me already): im sorry alicialimshiyun. i will return the comp to u now. good bye myself,and have a good sleep.


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