Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Hyperactive Night.

I've missed this page for a week and a half already, here are some pictures for your pleasure and a little blabbering session for myself!

School has started, projects are flooding in and here i am trying to get back on track, getting back my momentum. Just a couple week ago, i was rolling around and when the last day of the year came, i conveniently rolled over to 2013. Who knew rolling brought me to the restless and aimless YOLO mode. First week of school passed and my weekends, supposedly spend doing projects, were spent merrily on the ice skating ring and getting myself bothered with the renovation for the new house the family is moving into. Too much time not spend doing homework but well spent time with the people i love. <3

These was at Depression's Christmas Party 12', it was a good night catching up with a couple of cool friends. Besides, i made a few more friends with interesting names before the year came to an end. Thank You to Kenny & Andrew and the Depression team for the hyperactive night!
And a big thank you to John for being the most spontaneous photographer!
 Jia Jing
John & his pictures.


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