Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fan Obsession.

Sleeveless Cropped Top:  Label less clothing:/
White Trousers: YUMEI
Flower Printed Fan:Orchid Chopstick

The different modes in the camera is awesome isn't it? I just love it when my eye bags disappear from my tired face.

 Oh and i love to carry fans around with me these days because 1)they are so pretty and when my face/body gives out too much of the tired aura,the fan covers it up for me,as seen in the 2nd picture. Lol 2)Singapore's whether is so unpredictable, you certainly need an umbrella to keep you dry and a fan to keep yourself cool at all times. 3)Besides, fans can be used as an accessory. They're pretty awesome stuffs. Really.

One last advice if you want to invest in a pretty and durable fan, do get them from shops that sells mainly fans. The material and quality of the fans are slightly better.

Lastly, do get excited for the next post because i am going to show you the best/prettiest/awesome-est vintage shop in Singapore. Pinky promise.


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