Tuesday, November 15, 2011

one month late:/

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssss(:
hahah okay. Olevels is finally over and im soooo excited right now because i can finally play and do things that i enjoy without feeling guilty. It`s an absolutely wonderful feeling. whee!(: Anyway, the few up coming posts are actually 1 month late? yea...im terribly sorry about it...But no worries becos im already an alumni of St Nicholas Girls School, i no longer have to studystudystudy like a depressed child until the end of jan, when my results are out. i can blogblogblog like a free bird!
Anyway, the following posts will have many photos and less words,as stated above, they are pictures taken  a month ago so i probably cant remember what i did on that day/night because i was probably worrying for my exams and feeling guilty for not studying,most of the time. So, just enjoy the pictures and have a good day!(;

(but i cut off the sleeves and cut some fringe at the bottom of the tee)
bag:from Cambodia
Another day, another set of clothings that i wore to church on a Sunday(;
The purple top is supposedly a dress for children. But the thing is that it was a turtle neck dress and Singapore is always 100 degree celsius hot(just like how my dearest cousin,Karen, would describe about the weather in Singapore) so i only wore it when i`m overseas. Besides,i am somebody that likes to keep my stuffs in the cupboard forever and never ever dump or give them away becos i just cant bare to part with them:/ so one day when i was packing my cupboard, i noticed the dress lying in a corner of the cupboard and hoped that i could still fit into the dress. While i continue to pack and arrange my clothings, i came out with an idea to cut off the turtle neck and the long sleeves so that i can make the dress into a tunic for myself! i just love to DIY my old stuffs...Anyway,recycling is goood and environmental!(;
top: snipped the label off  so that i can squeeze my head into the kiddy dress
purple lipstick:NyxCosmetics
HUH?! IM DONE WITH TWO POSTS? THAT`S FAST! HURRAH! more posts to come in these few days(;


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