Monday, August 1, 2011


    TEEEHEE! i like to eat sausages in birthday parties!

Haven been posting these few weeks bcos I've been busy getting motivated ,to study hard. Finally got my engine started(; really can't wait for 2011 to be over soon...I know I've been saying that forever..but please tolerate with me bcos I really really can't wait to wake up from these dream.. So anyway, even though I haven got the time to show off my outfits on BudoubleLshit,at  least I took some time to snap a few pictures before changing into my pjs(:

Anyway, the blue/grey cardigan in the last outfit is seriously comfortable. i got it in a flea a $5! it really gives ur body warmth, despite of the thousand over holes on the cardigan. love it!

                                   bottom:Lea Girl
                              top: random top from taiwan
                                   & knitted cardigan
                              bottom: maroon coloured stockings
                              shoe: converse
                    *so sorry for my terrible hairstyle..but i already
                      got it trimmed(:

                                            SAY CHEESE;)

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